Hi there, its me Kees.

Just average normal dutch guy, happily married and with 4 lovely children.

So you can understand that free time is a bit rare, but thanks to my lovely wife, still have time for hobbies.

One of them is messing around with computers and i have been tweaking them and getting them a part and putting them back together since 1996.

At first i started my little corner just out of curiosity to see if i could manage to get a page online on the great world wide web. Well that wasn’t that hard with all the free software available. Messed around with HTML, Jooma, Drupal and at the moment, WordPress with a link to my photo gallery is just all i need.

Yep, my other hobby is photography. Since 2009 i have a DSLR, Nikon D90 with a 18-70, 50, 70-300 and a 60mm micro lens. So, now my little corner became somewhat useful to show some of my photo’s.  And when you take a look at my gallery, you will see some photo’s of my other hobby and that is having a 400 liter freshwater fish tank.

What more to tell.

Since having children, we became more and more interested in just all things to try to give the best to our children. In time we have read a lot about e-numbers to super food, from energy saving lights to WiFi radiation, vaccinations etc. If time permits, i hope to share some of our thoughts about these subjects.

Hopefully, more to came.




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16264 Views 8 Today